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The Company inge GmbH develops innovative ultrafiltration technologies used In the treatment of drinking water processwater, sea water and waste water.

Our systems purify waterby reliably removing bacteria, viruses, particles and suspended solids.

Our goal to set new standars in the field of ultrafiltration in order to develop exciting new solutions and safe, reliable aplications.

inge® is constantly reaffirming its goal ensuring consistently high quality for both our existing, satisfied customers and potential future clients.

inge® is currently involved in various successful projects and other activities in the Middle East. These inculde two installations in Saudi Arabia, one designed to treat sea water and the other waste water. Both will be equipped with inge ultrafiltration membranes. Read on to find out more about these two major projects.
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1. King Abdulaziz International Airport project in Saudi Arabia - inge technology deployed in waste water re-use plant at the new Jeddah Airport
2. inge choosen to supply ultrafiltration technology for SWRO plant as part of king Abdullah Economic City(KAEC) project.


A major project based on inge technology is currently underway in the port city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project involves installing a TSE polishing plant featuring an inge® UF system with a capacity of 85 MLD, which is designed to supply pre-filtered water to the downstream reverse osmosis (RO) tranins. The inge® UF system consists of eight trains, each equipped with 96 dizzer® XL 0.9 MB WT modules to achieve the required output.


One of the region’s most important and future-oriented projects, King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) in Saudi Arabia will soon be the site of another sea water desalination plant equipped with inge® UF technology. Once again, an inge® solution has been chosen as the preferred system for supplying pretreated water to a downstream RO unit. KAEC is a master-planned city currently under construction by Emaar TEC along the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia‘s Red Sea coast. Covering an urban area of 155 square kilometers, it currently has a population of 5,000. This is forecast to increase to over 110,000 by2030 as the city develops the residential, commercial and industrial infrastructure for its planned population size.

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